Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Victory Gardens were a little too early for my awareness.

However, our next door neighbors always had a huge garden where they grew lots of vegies, but also strawberries and raspberries - which were delicious right off the bush while they were warm from the sun.

They had a number of sons in the family though, and their sons were always out digging the weeks from the garden. I don't have sons, or daughters who are willing to help with that kind of work. My husband doesn't do it either. There was only one year when I had a good vegie garden - in Illinois when I was pregnant for our first child. I grew brocolli, carrots, beets and zuchini. We also had two wonderful peach trees in our yard which I would dry for my daughter to chew on home-made fruit leather.

This year, my flower gardens have gone completely untended, due to my arms being injured. They are overrun with weeds I'm afraid.

I'm sending my daughter and her new husband to Italy for their delayed honeymoon. The plan is that they will go in either October or in January. They will see Rome, Florence and Venice. David has never been there, so Emily will enjoy showing him the places she knows and they will find more together I'm sure.

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