Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Presidential politics

So although I missed the first Presidential debate, I watched every minute of this one.  I don't know how anyone can remain an undecided voter at this point in our election process.  The two men are fundamentally very different people with very different philosophies.  If you think one of them will be a good President, you would think the other would make a terrible President.  Maybe the ones who are still undecided think neither of them would serve well.

Tonight I loved how Romney's arragant face fell when Candy, the moderator fact checked and backed up what Obama was saying.  I also liked that Obama said Hillary Clinton has been a terrific Secretary of State, and she works for him . . . so if the deaths at the Councelet were at anyone's feet they are at his.

It bothers me that throughout all of these debates and election speeches, nothing is being said about what we can all do to try to slow down the ecological disaster that our world is currently hastening toward.  Obama talks about "clean coal" but that was just about the only thing I heard that even acknoledged the problem.