Tuesday, July 10, 2012

going home

This morning I am flying to the town I grew up in - beautiful Marquette, Michigan, on the shore of Lake Superior.  When I usually am setting off for this destination, I am filled with excitement - What will I see has changed in Marquette?  Will I see any of my friends from Jr. High and High School?  Has the city become more metropolitan or remained pretty much the small town I knew?

This trip is something different though.  I am going home to meet up with my sisters so that we can put my mom's ashes in her gravesite.  Mom died in February, but with winters often making traveling difficult up there, we made the decision to have her creamated at the time and then take care of the final steps this summer.  So I'm going to town to bury my mother with her parents.  I will stay for a week - longer than any of my sisters.  I want the chance to sit by the Lake and think about mom's life.  I want to be able to come home to Seattle afterwards feeling like I've said good-bye to her, blessed her and sent her on to wheverer we go when we die.

I have one friend who lives there still, and she was excited to hear I would be in town for a while.  She also told me that another of our friends is there right now for two weeks, so there will be some time of us getting together, remembering the silly girls we once were and laughing at ourselves.  Maybe we'll have a "sleepover" and stay up all night talking like we used to do.